"Beautiful and Great Service"

"Waimarino Kayak Tours has the best customer service I have ever received. Every staff member we met was friendly and knowledgable. The owner and our glow worm tour guide were the best. They treated us like family and really went above and beyond for our comfort and enjoyment. The kayak tour itself was beautiful and relaxing. Easy for anyone to do. The trip was amazing and the scenery gorgeous. The glow worm cavern itself was breathtaking. Definitely a highlight of our trip and well worth the price." 
Sambonoog - Tennessee, USA

"Fabulous way to spend a beautiful evening”

"My husband, adult son and I took the 6:30 p.m. tour on Mar. 12, 2014. It includes a free shuttle of about 45 min. up to the lake. Once there, one is given appetizers, New Zealand wine (the Pinot Gris was fantastic!) and other beverage choices while waiting for the kayaks to be launched and watching the sunset. We then kayaked (2 man) across the lake and down to a very narrow fern grotto where we saw hundreds of glowworms and a sliver of a twinkling blue, star-studded sky above. After relaxing and enjoying the surroundings, we kayaked back to the launching ramp (total time here was about 1 1/2 hrs.) and were shuttled back to the start. One does not get wet at any time in the trip. The lake is smooth water and thus makes for easy kayaking. Our guides were very pleasant and enjoyable. I would highly recommend the trip - far better than some of the other glowworm trips that I researched throughout New Zealand."

"Awesome Time"

"My husband, brother, and his wife went on the night kayak glow worm tour and it was one of the highlights of our trip. I can't say enough about the owner and our guide, they were fantastic, extremely accommodating and wonderful people. I highly recommend not only this kayak trip but their adventure park to anyone visiting or living in New Zealand!"
Paula - Florida, USA

"One of the Best Highlights of our NZ Trip"

"We initially chose the kayak tour over the cave tour due to some claustrophobia issues and I am sooooooo glad that we did. Going in the kayak at night was amazing. It was raining and we thought this might put a damper on the whole trip but it didn't. Bob our guide was awesome. He answered all kinds of questions we had on our way to the park, stopped at a waterfall along the way and just had a great, easy attitude. Before launching, we were outfitted in gear to keep us dry and warm. We had some wine, cheese, crackers, dried fruit and were off. I had never kayaked at night and that alone was an adventure. This is not a far kayak trip, but you go against a current on the way so its a little more work. The glow worms were incredible. I had never seen anything like it. Bob explained the biology of them and some interesting facts, the rain cleared and we had a peek at the most amazing sky thru the tops of the trees hanging over the area we were in. On the way back, it was beautiful, seeing the stars and Milky Way galaxy as we returned. Thank you Waimarino Glow Worm Tours for an unforgettable trip."
Panbab - Newbury Park, California, USA

"Stunning Evening"

"This is an absolute must do trip. Sit in your kayak in the dark staring up at the stars through a peep in the top of the canyon and being completely surrounded by stars of another sort, the glow worms! This was just breath taking and left us all very quietly staring in wonder. Bob was a fantastic glow worm tour guide we loved every minute of the trip. Weather was no problem we were toasty warm in our kayaks.If I hadn't been sick as a dog I would have also enjoyed the lovely spread of cheese, salami, kiwi fruit and mulled wine pre kayaking on the lakeside! Paddling in the dark was so peaceful, this was an unforgettable experience. Looking forward to bringing my family back and sharing it with them."
Sheri Clarke

"Professionally Run Attraction for all Ages" 

"Over many years of successful school related trips to Waimarino I have nothing but awesome things to say about them. They customise a programme that suits the age and outdoor experience of all participants. Equipment is of the highest quality and close to Tauranga as well."
Rob, Tauranga

"Wonderful Few Hours and Magical Glow Worm Canyon"

"Super nicely organised glow worm kayak tour and the glowworms canyon was magical. It's my second kayak tour with Waimarino and totally recommend it. The location is wonderful and just wish we could be kayaking for a tad longer as the water in the lake was like butter. The kayak tour guides are always super knowledgable and you learn so much about NZ nature."

"Great Family Activity"

"I had my family in New Zealand and was very happy to find this glow worm tour on the Eastside of NZ as we had no time to make it to Waitamo. The lady on the phone was extremely nice and helpful and the glow worm kayak tour itself was big fun too. We got spoiled with very tasty mulled wine, crackers, yummy cheese and dried fruits. The instructors were very great and gave us heaps of information about the area and the glowworms. The glow worm canyon was an incredible sight itself. It looked like the night sky itself. We got to see hundreds of glowworms glowing on both sides of the river and above us. Simply magical. Our instructor Amy was very helpful and even offered to drag us back when we got exhausted. Paddling chatting and learning about our surroundings was alot of fun." 

"Unusual and Pretty Magical Glowworm Tour"

"As a travel agent specializing in taylor-made tours in NZ, I had already observed glow worms before (boat ride as well as black water rafting). Yet I was really looking forward to discovering this new approach to them as I love kayaking and the idea of doing a glowworm kayak tour at night definitely appealed to me. Add to the mix a little cheese & wine picnic and no French person in their right mind will be able to resist the temptation to join in! As it turned out, I did really enjoy the kayaking tour. It was perfectly organized, the surroundings were beautifully serene, and gliding in the middle of a gorge glistening with tiny lights was truly magical." 
Camille T - Auckland